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Our Law Firm provides legal advisory services in the area of public procurement law to both Procuring Entities and Contractors at every stage of the procedure and implementation of a public contract.

We assist procuring entities in the following processes:

  • Drafting tender documentation, including contract notices and Terms of Reference (ToR)
  • Indicating the risks connected with a selected tender procedure
  • Drawing up contract templates, answers to bidders’ questions, responses to appeals and complaints, drafting of complaints
  • Representation before the National Appeal of Chamber and before the common court

Our Law Firm supports contractors in the processes of:

  • Preparing offers
  • Preparation of consortium agreements, consortium power of attorney documents, in accordance with the content and requirements of the Public Procurement Law and the ToR
  • Drafting letters and questions to the Awarding Entity
  • Evaluating model contracts prepared by the Awarding Entity as part of the ToR (identifying risks, provisions unfavourable to contractors)
  • Preparation and submission of appeals, accessions to appeals, complaints, responses to complaints
  • Developing templates for subcontractor agreements
  • Representation before the National Appeal of Chamber and before the common court


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